Need Immediate Help with a Dental Problem?

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need immediate help with a dental problem

Finding our dentist in Yaletown when experiencing the potential signs of a dental problem, such as a toothache, is a good choice if there is a concern for your oral health. Sometimes, however, it is hard to tell if seeing the dentist near you for an emergency is warranted. You may experience several conditions where a trip to the emergency dental clinic in Yaletown may be necessary. If you are still deciding whether or not you should go, it is best to stay on the safe side and plan a trip to our emergency dentist. Because our overall health is connected, oral health problems can worsen if not looked after properly.

One common problem that may require you to see our emergency dentist near you is the issue of a loose tooth. As we age, sometimes our teeth can loosen, which could be a sign of an impending oral health problem that should be treated and looked after. Often a loose tooth could result from trauma, such as getting hit during sports or being the victim of a car accident. A loose tooth is usually a very good reason to see our dentist. They can treat it and dissipate the problem before it becomes very severe and the tooth has to be extracted. A sign of a loose tooth can also be a localized infection or gum disease. If you are experiencing swelling and pain around one of your teeth, this is also a good reason to visit the dentist.

Toothaches can range from moderate to severe. Having a severe toothache is a good reason to visit our dentist. There are various causes of toothaches, so prevention is usually the best tactic for not experiencing them. If your pain goes from moderate to severe, visit an emergency dental clinic in Yaletown. If your gums are bleeding or ache, you may be experiencing early signs of gingivitis or gum disease. Swollen, painful gums indicate you should see our emergency dentist in Vancouver. Gingivitis is common and can be reversed by flossing more often and attending to better oral care. But if the pain gets to the point where you cannot floss, that is a sign that you must visit our emergency dentist.

A swollen jaw can be a sign of a dental problem that needs treatment. It is often the result of a serious infection. Applying a cold towel to the swollen area will help ease the pain, but our dentist in Yaletown will more accurately diagnose and treat the issue. It could also result from infection, a serious problem that needs to be treated by our dentist near you. If an abscess has developed, you must see our dentist and possibly make an appointment with our emergency dentist. This is a very painful infection typically found at the bottom of your tooth. If you are experiencing a dental abscess, you will likely find symptoms such as swelling, pus, intense pain, fever, a foul taste in your mouth, or swollen glands. This condition sometimes occurs due to trauma to a tooth, such as a chipped tooth. See our dentist in Yaletown at your earlier convenience if you are experiencing this.

There are several other indicators that you should see our emergency dentist. If you have a canker sore that just isn’t going away, this could result from a dental problem. Constant headaches and swelling in your gums are other signs that you should probably see our emergency dentist in Yaletown. So, as a rule of thumb, anytime you are experiencing an unusual issue, stay safe and schedule an appointment at a dental clinic near you.