Teeth Cleaning Near You

A dental cleaning is a simple and pain-free process. To make the best out of a dental cleaning experience it is important to understand the process. The dental cleaning process can be simplified into a few steps, a physical exam, tartar and plaque removal, cleaning of the teeth, flossing, rinsing and lastly the application of a fluoride treatment. We are happy to offer quality teeth cleaning near you.

dental cleaning in yaletown

1. Oral Exam

Firstly, one of the dental hygienists will conduct a physical exam before they begin cleaning your teeth to ensure there are no problems or irregularities. They assess the condition of your teeth and gums and check for signs of periodontal (gum) disease such as gingivitis. All dental concerns or complaints will be addressed during this step. If your dental hygienist comes across any major problems, they will bring it to your dentist’s attention first who will confirm if it is okay to proceed with the dental cleaning in Yaletown, BC V6Z 2E8.

2. The Cleaning

After the physical exam has been completed by our dental hygienist and potential issues have been addressed, they will move onto the second step, which is the actual dental cleaning process. This involves removing plaque and tartar build-up around your gum line and in between your teeth using a scaler—a dental instrument.

3. Removal of Plaque and Tartar

The time it takes to remove plaque and tartar built up is determined by the condition of a patient’s gums and teeth. The more plaque and tartar found, the longer this step will be. In order to prevent plaque build-up, it is vital that you are taking the appropriate measures to clean your teeth thoroughly by brushing and flossing. If an individual has tartar it can only be removed by your dentist in Yaletown, BC V6Z 2E8 which is why practicing a good oral hygiene routine is key.

4. Rinse and Brush Your Teeth

Now that your dental hygienist has removed unnecessary plaque and tartar, they will begin to brush. To brush your teeth, your dental hygienist will use a high-powered electric toothbrush. You may hear a grinding noise but this is also a normal part of the process and it is necessary for a deep clean. Any residual tartar will be brushed away also. The toothpaste used by a dental hygienist is like regular toothpaste you would use at home, in terms of taste and smell. If you would like, you can also choose between a selection of different flavours if mint is not your favourite. The toothpaste has a gritty-like consistency that gently scrubs the teeth. It is considered safe to have a dental cleaning performed by a dental professional twice per year. Do not attempt to scrub your teeth harshly at home as it will wear down the enamel.

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