Tooth Extraction Near You

We offer tooth extractions in Vancouver for both adult and baby teeth. Some baby teeth require extraction if they have not developed correctly or if they don’t fall out.

A common reason both adult and baby teeth may require removal is due to decay on the tooth. It is essential to treat tooth decay as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading to other teeth or even the jaw. Wisdom teeth are also another common reason why patients seek tooth extraction in Yaletown. Once your dentist has removed the affected tooth or teeth, they will discuss with you whether implants, dentures, or bridges are recommended. Contact our dental clinic today to request a consultation for tooth extractions near you.

tooth extraction in yaletown

What to Expect during a Tooth Extraction?

Are you looking to receive tooth extractions in Yaletown? Depending on the circumstances, your dentist may recommend receiving a tooth extraction during a routine dental checkup, or it may require a separate procedure. To perform a tooth extraction, your dentist will need to expand the socket of your tooth. This is done, so the tooth is loosened from the ligament that holds it in the socket. Once the tooth is loosened, your dentist will proceed with the extraction. It is recommended that you visit our dentist in Yaletown after receiving a tooth extraction for a routine checkup. Our dentist can review your healing progress and detect any complications if necessary.

If you are looking to receive tooth extractions near you, contact our dental clinic today to request a consultation.