Why Not to Fear Getting Dental Implants

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why not to fear getting dental implants

Odontophobia is one thing. But what if you also have tomophobia? We don’t intend to make light of dentistry-related phobias, of course. After all, being afraid of the dentist (odontophobia) and surgery (tomophobia) are common and — in many cases — reasonable fears. In our experience at Abba Dental, one of the root causes of dentistry-related fear is uncertainty and lack of information. This article aims to provide information about the process of receiving dental implants in Yaletown to help you overcome any normal and understandable anxiety. Nerves or normal! We want to ensure that those normal nerves don’t prevent you from getting the information you need about treatment options that could improve your life.

Implant Surgery is Precisely Planned

Dentists don’t undergo any procedure, making things up as they go along. That’s especially true about implant surgery, which is precisely guided by detailed computed tomography (CT) imaging to place implants in the exact location needed to provide the support you need without sacrificing or interfering with healthy and essential tissue. Every stage of the process — from the incision to the making of room for the implant to the placing of the implant to the provision of stitches — is planned to achieve what your health requires. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork.

Any Pain Will be Minimal

Can we promise there will be no pain or discomfort? No. We won’t make such an irresponsible process. The commitment we can and do make is that we will apply anesthetics tailored for you to ensure you experience no pain during the procedure. Any discomfort during your recovery can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications and by following the detailed aftercare instructions you’ll receive. If you are particularly concerned about pain or being relaxed enough to undergo surgery, ask our dentist in Downtown Vancouver about sedation dentistry options to help you reach the exact level of calm and relaxation you need.

Sedation dentistry options are not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all tool but are a menu of options that can be tailored to your precise medical history, level of anxiety and the treatment you’ll receive. The options available from our dentist near you include the following:

  • Fast-acting and quickly-dissipating nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • Oral sedation is achieved through a pill taken the night before or before your appointment
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation administered via a vein in your arm and monitored continuously by our dentist’s staff
  • General anesthesia in which you’ll be unconscious. The use of general anesthesia is unusual in all but the most complex and challenging situations. Where appropriate, though, procedures performed under general anesthesia are performed in a medical or surgical clinic under a doctor’s supervision (and not in a standard dental office).

You’ll Only Need To Do It Once

Once in place, a properly maintained dental implant can reasonably be expected to remain in position — firmly rooted into and fused to your jawbone — for the rest of your life. The abutments and crowns attached to dental implants near you occasionally need to be repaired and replaced, but even they will last for decades as long as you care for them properly.

Is undergoing dental implant surgery right for you? Implants are not the ideal solution for everyone, but our dentist is determined to ensure that fear and anxiety do not stand in the way of receiving the right treatment for you if that is what implants represent. If you’re investigating alternatives for replacing missing teeth but are plagued by fear and anxiety, contact our dentist near you and let them know how you’re feeling. They won’t be surprised, shocked or offended. They’ll be ready to answer your questions and develop solutions.