What to Expect Before, During and After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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what to expect before during and after wisdom tooth extraction

Many dentists recommend pre-emptive wisdom teeth removal in Yaletown. For many people with wisdom teeth, they cause — or threaten to cause — a lot more problems than they’re worth. This is pretty easy since humans no longer need a third set of molars in their jaw. The arrival of wisdom teeth in your late teens or twenties can overcrowd your jaw and cause harm to other teeth or your natural bite.

If our dentist has recommended wisdom tooth extraction, our dental office in Yaletown will provide clear instructions about how to prepare and what to expect. Please go through every procedure with all the necessary information. Here is what to expect about your wisdom teeth removal in Yaletown, broken down into three sections: before, during, and after. This checklist of three considerations at each stage will provide a useful guide to your procedure. If there’s anything in here that you’re concerned about or want to discuss, contact your dental office in Yaletown.

Before Your Wisdom Teeth Removal in Yaletown

You’ll meet your surgeon before your surgery for an examination and x-rays and to review your medical history and the current health of your teeth.

You’ll discuss the anesthesia process depending on how many wisdom teeth are extracted. Be sure to tell our dentist about your experience with anesthesia and concerns about taking pain medications.

If you experience common dental anxiety, let our dentist know. Your dental office in Yaletown can offer sedation dentistry options to ease your anxiety and make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

During Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Sometimes our dentist needs to make an incision into your gums or even remove bone material to access the wisdom tooth being removed. Our dentist will be prepared for that after having reviewed your X-rays.

The tooth can be extracted in a single step and piece in a perfect world, though that is not always true. If necessary, our dentist will divide your tooth into smaller pieces and remove the pieces one at a time.

Our dentist will stitch the extraction site and ensure a clot forms over that area. The dental clinic near you will give you specific after-care instructions about preserving that clot. It’s essential to prevent bleeding and infection. A few key don’ts: don’t spit, suck through a straw, smoke, or drink alcohol during your recovery period.

After Your Teeth Are Removed

During the first few days after wisdom teeth removal in Yaletown, you’ll experience normal swelling, bruising, and bleeding. This is nothing to be concerned about unless it persists after several days or worsens rather than improves, in which case you should contact our dentist for advice.

If our dentist prescribed pain medication, take it as directed. Much as we wish it weren’t so, you’ll experience some discomfort and pain following the procedure. However, any discomfort is usually mild enough to be managed with over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses (ice packs).

During the first day after the procedure, you should rinse your mouth every few hours, but avoid brushing your teeth or using mouthwash. For several days after the procedure, you should limit yourself to only soft foods and nothing too hot or cold.

Wisdom teeth removal in Yaletown is common and almost always completed without complications. We know it’s a process you’ll only undergo once, and anxiety is understandable. Remember, the goal and intention are to eliminate problems, not to cause any. Whatever your questions or what you’re thinking or worrying about, contact our dentist near you and let them address all your thoughts.