How You Too May Enjoy Eating Again Thanks to Dental Implants

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how you too may enjoy eating again thanks to dental implants

One of the most severe oral health issues is tooth loss. Your teeth serve a variety of functions. They support and uphold neighbouring teeth, structure the mouth and face, and help us break down food to chew comfortably. Oral functions, particularly eating, are severely harmed when teeth fall off.

Dental implants near you form a bond with the jawbone and act as tooth roots, stimulating the bone and supporting the teeth. Among the many advantages of dental implants, eating food is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. Dental implant therapy is overseen by experienced dentists, who are glad to help patients reclaim their favourite meals.

Dental Implants: How Would They Benefit Me?

Implants are artificial teeth that present all sorts of benefits. They are stable and permanent tooth replacements; they do not depend on neighbouring teeth for support.

Dental implants in Yaletown can be placed directly into your jawbone or fitted with a customized metal framework. These are made from various types of bone-like ceramic and metallic materials. It is also compatible with your body’s tissue.

One still needs to exercise care concerning dental implants as they are adversely affected by teeth grinding, smoking, and poor hygiene. Even though it will not form cavities, maintaining proper oral hygiene practices is highly recommended to safeguard the area around the dental implant and the rest of your mouth.

Be sure to consult with our dentist near you regarding the correct procedures. This way, you can always give your biggest, brightest and boldest smile and exude a new personality to those around you. The ability to smile with self-confidence speaks volumes and will affect how others see you.

Does It Make Sense to Opt for Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants are the most powerful and long-lasting tooth replacement option. They are the only dental treatment that can restore a tooth after it has been completely lost. While most procedures only restore the crown of a missing tooth or the part above the gum line, dental implants also repair the teeth’ roots.

Implants are small titanium screws our dentist near you would insert into the jawbone surgically. Dental implants merge with the tissues of the jaw bone in the weeks following treatment, establishing a strong and durable anchor for the restorations that will be attached to the implants later.

Dental implants have better strength and longevity, allowing dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and permanent dentures to operate similarly to natural teeth. Once implants are in place, patients will notice an improvement in their oral functions, including the ability to chew and consume.

Why Should Care Be Taken When Eating Following a Dental Implant Treatment?

The surgical site may be uncomfortable and tender right after dental implants are inserted by our dental clinic in Yaletown, Vancouver. Because the implants must heal properly, we recommend that patients maintain a liquid diet for a brief period before transitioning to a diet of soft, pureed foods.

This is only a temporary stipulation. Patients will soon be able to eat all the foods they enjoyed before treatment after the initial healing period, which usually lasts only a few days.

Patients can eat various foods once all phases of the dental implant therapy are completed, and the restorations are in place. Dental implants will increase patient comfort, allowing them to eat previously difficult foods due to tooth loss, such as apples, nuts, popcorn, and chips.

It pays to opt for dental implants to help recover your smile without compromising the strength and health of your teeth. Contact Abba Dental at your earliest convenience to determine if dental implants suit you.