How To Get The Most Out of Invisalign

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how to get the most out of invisalign

Are you ready to say goodbye to your crooked teeth but reluctant to embark on several years of orthodontic work with metal wires and braces? Invisalign’s virtually invisible and custom-fit thermoplastic aligners offer a solution for people seeking a faster, more convenient, and more discrete solution for crooked teeth. Approximately 4,000,000 patients in North America have successfully straightened their teeth and unleashed new smiles with help from Invisalign.

If you’re curious about Invisalign in Yaletown, our dentist near you can answer all your questions and assess if it’s a good option for achieving your goals. There are several essential points that you should know as you consider whether Invisalign may be a good fit. You must do essential things during the 12 to 18 months of Invisalign treatment — and beyond — to achieve optimum results. Are you up for it?

Wear Your Aligners as Planned

The best way to make constant progress toward your goal is to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day. Wearing them for less than 20 hours produces less satisfactory and slower results.

Respect The Schedule

Through a dental office in Yaletown, Invisalign will include a customized treatment plan developed specifically for you and your goals. That plan will include a series of custom-fit aligners and a schedule for moving from one aligner to the next.

Clean The Aligners and Your Teeth

One of the advantages of Invisalign over traditional wire and metal braces is the ability to keep your teeth clean by removing your aligner to brush and floss. Not only is it an advantage, but it is also essential to success. Brush and floss your teeth more often than usual to keep food from building up in your aligner, and clean your aligner every time you take it out and before re-inserting it.

Be Patient With Yourself

Your first aligner will feel unusual and even a little uncomfortable. The Invisalign aligner will take up a small amount of room in your mouth, but enough to notice it and even to affect your speech for a few days. You may find you’re talking with a lisp, but you’ll get used to it quickly, and the lisp will disappear.

Remember the Retainer Portion of Invisalign in Yaletown

Once you’ve completed the Invisalign process, our dentist will strongly recommend that you continue to use a retainer at night for the rest of your life. Using a retainer will maintain your newly located teeth in their new places. If you aren’t willing to commit, Invisalign may not fit you well. To complete the process but not wear a retainer afterwards to maintain the result will be a waste of time and money. Initial retainers are included as part of the Invisalign package.

Keep In Mind that Invisalign is not Appropriate For Every Situation

Our dental clinic near you will carefully assess your oral health and the current position of your teeth to ensure that Invisalign can help you achieve your goals. If you have severely misaligned teeth or a severe overbite or underbite, Invisalign will not be a good option. Our dentist will be able to recommend alternative solutions, including traditional orthodontics.

Are you curious about Invisalign as a solution for your crooked teeth? Are you willing to commit to the process and aftercare? With commitment alongside the support of our dentist, Invisalign in Yaletown may be an ideal way to achieve your goals. Contact our dentist near you for an assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for you.