Five Reasons You Need to Visit Your Dentist Today

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It is extremely important to visit our dentist regularly as there are so many oral problems which the naked eye cannot see. These issues require special tools and skills to examine and diagnose them. When they are detected later on, once they have advanced, they become a hassle to treat, and you will find yourself spending more money and time in our dentist’s office.

Following are some of the reasons you should keep in mind when it comes to visiting our trusted dentist in Yaletown.

1. Oral Cancer Detection:

Oral cancer is an extremely serious and painful disease that can risk your life if not diagnosed earlier. Usually, oral cancer cannot be diagnosed early because symptoms are not so noticeable from the outside. Thus, a regular visit to our dentist is important so that they can identify even minor abnormalities and start medications as early as possible. If the cancer is not diagnosed early, it can be lethal.

Oral cancer appears inside your mouth in the form of patches; these patches are often red in colour, white, or red-and-white. Our dentist will place their fingers in your mouth to examine the flesh, bones and tissues. This procedure is called oral cancer screening and hardly takes 5 minutes but can save your life. Most dental offices in Yaletown provide free oral cancer screening to their new and old patients, which is pain-free and non-invasive.

2. Plaque, Tartar and Cavities:

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day and floss them regularly, there are still some corners left where the bristles of the brush cannot reach. Due to only partial brushing, plaque accumulates, solidifies and turns into tartar. This is only possible to remove with professional assistance.

A cleaning appointment is also more inexpensive than a filling procedure, so if money is deterring you from the dentist, make sure not to omit cleanings!

3. Prevention of Gum Diseases:

Plaque and tartar deposition not only decays the teeth but also erodes your gum line, causing severe gum diseases, including swollen gums and pimples on your gums. Pimples on your gums indicate a severe infection in a nearby tooth; if not treated, it can lead to the point where you will need a root canal because the infected gum will weaken the tooth and speed up the decaying process.

Root canal surgery is an expensive procedure, but regular check-ups with our trusted dental clinic in Yaletown can avoid major issues in the future.

4. Keeping Bad Habits in Check:

There are so many bad habits which we regularly pursue and have such a bad impact on our oral health. Some bad habits are chewing ice, biting your nails, compressing your jaw, grinding your teeth, eating particularly sticky sweets, brushing your teeth forcefully, drinking too much coffee and smoking!

When you visit our dentist regularly, they can identify the oral damage caused by bad habits.

5. Help to Find Hidden Problems:

The most important part of visiting our dentist regularly is X-raying your teeth and jawbone. X-ray reports allow dental professionals to see what is happening under the surface of your mouth to help find and diagnose issues that may not be visible to the bare eye. Such hidden problems may include crushed teeth and growing teeth congested from pushing through the gum line, as often seen in wisdom teeth.