Don’t Be Afraid of a Root Canal

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don’t be afraid of a root canal

We’ve all heard the root canal horror stories. Root canals almost have a reputation that precedes them, so we will explain why you don’t need to fear root canal treatment below.

As a patient-focused dental office in Yaletown, it’s essential that our patients always feel comfortable and safe. We provide many ways to help ensure your root canal treatment is pain-free and successful, but first, let’s talk about what a root canal is.

The name “root canal” instantly brings up negative connotations and can ignite thoughts of deep drilling and extraction. Many urban myths surround root canals, and they have almost taken on a status that makes them seem worse than they are.

Let’s talk first about the structure of a tooth to help explain a root canal. Regarding teeth, the root canal is the soft centre of the tooth where the nerve is located (the part that keeps your tooth alive). When we need treatment on a tooth involving the root canal, this is often referred to as root canal therapy or treatment. This is often called a “root canal” in popular vocabulary.

Now that we know what a root canal is let’s explain why you might need root canal treatment in Yaletown.

There are a Few Reasons For Root Canal Treatment:

  • Infection or abscess at the bottom of the tooth
  • Deep cavities which have reached the soft tissue
  • Trauma causing cracking or a fracture

If you’re in pain or have been told you require root canal treatment, it’s potentially worth getting a second opinion by visiting our dentist near you. Root canal treatment can be costly, so it’s worth ensuring you have all the correct information.

Where Does the Pain Come From?

More often than not, the pain doesn’t come from the actual root canal treatment but rather the underlying condition, such as the infection or abscess. In our experience in assessing and treating root canals in Yaletown, the pain is often a result of the initial affliction instead of the treatment itself.

What’s Involved?

Root canal treatment involves drilling the tooth and removing the infected pulp (the soft stuff inside the middle of a tooth). The tooth’s nerve is then removed from the root canal (hence the name). The space where the root was filled with latex-based material and sealed back up.

This is a simplistic version, to get a better rundown of how the treatment might apply to you, it’s best to visit our dental clinic near you to explain what would be involved in your particular scenario.

Sometimes a root canal will require a couple of trips to our dentist, and they can be somewhat costly, especially if you have a crown placed over the remaining tooth.

What is All This Effort For?

A root canal saves your tooth, which is the primary goal of root canal treatment.

The only other option for a tooth at this stage can be removed, triggering different complications. This is often why, in the first instance, our dentist will suggest this treatment to save your tooth

Speaking to our dentist about your concerns is essential when receiving root canal treatment.

Call us today if you’re looking for our dentist near you to discuss your root canal treatment options.