Dental Braces: 5 Foods You Need to Avoid Today

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dental braces 5 foods you need to avoid today

Braces are designed to make your smile look beautiful. The results of getting your teeth perfectly aligned will be with you forever, and the many health benefits of braces cannot be overstated. However, when you leave our dental clinic in Yaletown wearing your new braces, there are certain things you need to consider.

Aside from brushing your teeth properly and attending your appointments with our dentist in Yaletown, it would help if you remembered that what you eat is also important. Therefore, we’ve compiled the five main things you must avoid to prevent damage to your braces. After all, this would only lengthen your time wearing them.

1. Popcorn

We know popcorn is a must during movie nights. However, there are better choices than this when you have braces. This is because the unpopped kernels can be very dangerous for the integrity of your orthodontic treatment. If you’re not careful, you might have to go to the dental office near you to get one of your brackets repaired.

Besides, pieces of popcorn can get stuck in an area that is difficult to reach. This and the braces might make things very uncomfortable for you. It’s best to avoid this snack and wait until you are braces-free to have popcorn again

2. Gum

Gum is a terrible thing to chew on while you’re wearing braces. The hard work of our dentist in Yaletown might be jeopardized if you chew gum. This is because this habit might cause your teeth to start shifting in the wrong direction. This happens because the braces slowly but steadily move your teeth to the right position. Gum might interfere with that.

Furthermore, it can also cause the bending of the wires that are part of your orthodontic treatment. In general, you should avoid any sticky candy or food as well. This is because it can get stuck to your braces. This can cause a greater predisposition to cavities.

3. Tacos

You don’t necessarily have to give up on tacos. But during this time, it’s better that you only eat tacos made with soft tortillas. This is especially true if you eat tacos and nachos constantly. Eventually, you’ll have to go to our dental office near you because you lost the surface of your braces. This is due to the wear and tear caused by hard things like tacos.

The same applies to other hard foods. Things like hard pretzels, nuts, and even some cereals. In the case of boxed cereals, it’s best to soak them in milk before eating them if you’re wearing braces. It would help if you also protect your teeth. Your teeth already have the pressure of the braces; biting into hard things makes them more vulnerable to fractures.

4. Ice

As you can imagine, our dentist in Yaletown will advise you against eating ice. It would help if you didn’t chew on ice with or without braces, as it damages your teeth. However, with braces, you have a higher risk of breaking your tooth. Furthermore, you might not notice it, as the fracture might happen under the bracket. You might not know until it’s time to remove the braces.

5. Corn on the cob

Although you might think corn is soft, eating it on the cob can cause many troubles. If you bite into it too hard, you must go to our dental clinic in Yaletown. This is because the wires might get dislodged. This can be dangerous as you might end up cutting yourself. It’s better to remove the cob before eating your corn. Remember, caring for your braces is instrumental for timely and successful treatment.